Loving Again, by Peggy Bird

By Peggy Bird

Peggy Bird’s Loving Again is the perfect way to spend an evening. Her smooth writing style carries the reader effortlessly through the developing story, and the romance between glass artist Amanda St. Clair and cop Sam Richardson is hot and fulfilling. Readers will root for both Amanda and Sam.

Amanda St. Clair doesn’t like the police after being the chief suspect in the murder of her former boyfriend, and her reputation as a glass artist has been damaged by the case, so she accepts an out-of-town art fellowship, only to look up at a showing of her work to see Sam Richardson, who has decided to see how she really feels about him. Their ensuing affair almost convinces Amanda that she can love again, until events cast her as the number-one suspect in yet another murder. Can Sam ever convince Amanda that he can be trusted with her heart and her reputation?

Loving Again is a well-developed, smoothly flowing romance that will leave you satisfied and eagerly awaiting her next book.


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