Old Christmas Book Review by Author Peggy Bird

I’m a Christmas fanatic. So “Old Christmas” is perfect for me, the book I’d want to read on Christmas Eve. It’s sweet, romantic and introduces the reader to some interesting Christmas traditions even Christmas freaks like me didn’t know.

The story starts with Casey Gray returning to her Texas hometown around the holidays because the grandmother who raised her is in the hospital. Casey left town for cooking school and a job in New York after being dumped by Kalin McBryde who spurned her advances. She afraid it’s because he thought she was like her mother who went off to Hollywood, had a romance (and a baby) with a famous movie star and died young.

Kalin is now an attorney who wants to be a writer—almost as much as he really wants to sort things out with Casey. He’s just published his first book and now he has his chance to get it right with her.
Casey’s grandmother believes in “Old Christmas” traditions and the rekindling of the romance between Casey and Kalin takes place during the Old Christmas observances culminating in a magical Old Christmas Eve when the last of the twelve presents from Kalin to Casey—I’ll let you find out for yourself what it is—is opened.

Altogether, as I said, a sweet treat for the holidays on every level, including a yummy-sounding cheesecake recipe at the end of the book.


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