Sutherland’s Pride To Release March 4, 2013

Sutherland’s Pride will be released March 4, 2013, by Crimson Contemporary Romance.

 Pride Donovan returns to her Gulf Coast hometown of Anahuac, Texas, for her father’s funeral. When summoned to a Houston lawyer’s office to discuss her father’s estate, she discovers the lawyer is none other than Flynn Sutherland, her former lover and the father of her two-year-old son, Johnny. Fortunately, she had expected trouble and took her cousin and her cousin’s three small children, along with her own little boy, to the meeting. She even bets her cousin that Flynn will think all the children belong to her cousin.

Three years ago when Pride became pregnant, Flynn firmly believed she had betrayed him because he believes he is sterile. As a rich man’s son, Flynn cynically figured he was the better marriage prospect than whoever had made Pride pregnant. Since Pride’s father told everyone she had a miscarriage after she left town, Flynn never realizes that one of the four children in his office with Pride and her cousin Gloria belongs to Pride. Thanks to his firm belief that he cannot father a child, and that Pride miscarried if she ever was pregnant in the first place, he ignores all the hints that the little boy, Johnny, is Pride’s son–and his.

What will Flynn do when he learns the truth? Because Pride intends to tell him, but she’s hoping he will guess the truth on his own.


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